From RUMOUR Factory here are a couple of back-to-back solid rumors from the industry sources which could be interesting to Nokia fans everywhere.

A day before today, a Taiwanese rumor rag whispered that Nokia shall adopt a Synaptic Touchscreen Integrated Circuit that possibly will or will not support the multi-touch solution intended for a coming up “High-End Handset” scheduled for launch in 3rd quarter of this year.

To be very clear, the handset is not the Nokia N97 as it is expected in June next month to go on sale.

Sorry the source was DigiTimes and now it adds that capacitive touch panel business orders from Nokia are received by Wintek, the same old supplier fitting Nokia’s 5800 by resistive touchscreens.

Oh, we are great fans of smooth silky, capacitive glass panels in finger-friendly touchscreen mobile phones so we will be encouraged if these rumors do not prove rumors.