Nokia, one of the great communicator has launched its latest Smartphone with new look and enhanced feature. It is a QWERTY keypad touch screen phone that let you to perform real time work. Few months back Nokia has launched its Smartphone E7 but it is hard to believe that it is now developing a new image of its upcoming WP7. This WP7 handset would roll out MeeGo-based N9 and would display only the features of the N950. This Symbian Smartphone had claimed that its price would be impressive in the global market. People don’t need to care much about its price as it would easily suits their pocket.

After the Nokia E7 was launched there were few of the people who have already bought this Smartphone. With the other Nokia Smartphone coming on the way, the buyers are now trying to change the look of their Nokia E7. Now it depends totally on you how would like to change E7 so that it looks little different. Would you change its keypad or would like to have another operating system. There are certain questions that are coming in the Nokia N7 users. What’s going on in your mind, do post your comments below.