A stunning action survey was conducted to determine which camera reigns supreme among the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S II, Amaze 4G and N8. The iPhone is just a fantastic device to shoot some pictures as soon as you start. With 8 MP and f/2.4 lens aperture, iPhone 4S simply looked stunning that maximized our experience with speed, no-hassles and better zooming capability. It was capable of shooting even in low light conditions in comparison to the predecessor iPhone 4G with f/2.8 aperture. Amaze 4G added wide exposure, brightness, sharpness and extra white balance to our photos as compared to Apple’s device.

Coming to the battery department, iPhone 4 did much better. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy also performed well with battery remaining 53%, N8 with 50% and HTC’s Amaze 4G with only 29%. In fact, when it comes to overall performance, it was concluded that iPhone 4S’ stills were much better as compared to other models in comparison and that, it looked superb, bright, sharp and appealing. HD video recordings were also taken that further helped concluding the competition among the top Smartphone models. It should be also remembered here that more storage was needed on iPhone 4 as compared to 4S when we went for taking high resolution stills.