Hello friends the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is now getting a firmware modernizes, which will introduce a few new, fairly welcome features – an improved home screen, kinetic scrolling for in some menus in addition to improved camera performance and comeback time.

Update: The home screen shall be modified to bear a resemblance to the one on Nokia 5530 XpressMusic more willingly than that of the N97 like we reported firstly. We are regretful for the confusion – we got our supports a little crossed about this one.

An additional benefit of the future firmware update will be the improved comeback time and camera recital. When this renew will be on hand for the 5800 XpressMusic leftovers to be seen however it should be soon after the instigate of its younger sibling – Nokia 5530 XpressMusic. As per to the resource the latter will come by means of all the new traits directly from the box.