Today the Nokia 7205 Intrigue is announced to be available for purchase for Verizon Wireless customers all around the US. With its variety of multimedia and music features, the Intrigue has a very nice black exterior design with a hidden lit display. When you receive a text message or a call, the dark black handset becomes shiny all of a sudden. Also side keys enable the handset users to play favorite songs or shut the alarm clock without opening the interior part of the phone.

Other than its fancy design there are different entertainment services available on Nokia 7205 including V CAST Music with Rhapsody and Visual Voice MailSM. V CAST Music with Rhapsody. This service allows users to download more than 5 million songs. Also the handset has microSD card slot in which you can store up to 8GB of data.
Another special feature of the Intrigue is its Habitat mode. When this is activated your address book is ordered chronologically and you can customize your contacts with icons and figures.
Some other features of the phone include 2MP snapper, allowing users to upload to social networking websites and Bluetooth. Finally as part of environmental friendliness, the phone has a reminder so that you will be alerted to unplug charger when the battery is full. Also the handset is shipped with low no-load charger to save energy and packaging is totally from recycled material.
The price for Nokia 7205 Intrigue is  129.99USD with two year contract after 50USD rebate. You can buy yours from any Verizon Wireless stores or online.