Well, perhaps Nokia in recent times announced a 66% annually fall in Q2 earnings. And conceivably N97 evaluations have been, how we know, less than astral. But there unquestionably seems to be a admirer base for this handset: in accordance with Mobile News, retailing of both this handset and the 5800 XpressMusic pooled to total of 10 million phones in the preceding 10 months, among sales for the N97 adding up to a enormous two million sets since its launch 90 days ago.

In reality, 50% of the XpressMusic sale was caused since the release of the N97 — without doubt symptomatic of that the younger sister successfully raised the Nokia Corporation’s profile and brought its colleague handset alongside for the race.

Does this lead Nokia to the “Acknowledged leading enterprise in the Smartphone’s world”.

By complete volume of Smart phones, perhaps — but mindshare prolongs to be a problem which we’re guessing they’re enthusiastic to achieve if N900 and the Maemo 5 can get that.