You must have heard about the possibilities of recent release of Nokia WP smartphones. Before any future news get into discussion, there is a tip off about one of those handsets. It was rumored as the possible inclusion at the event of the Nokia World in the good name of Lumia. These were the Promo materials of the Nokia 800 model which just surfaced on the internet. It is further speculated with the leaked photo that this will be looking similar to that of the N9 where people have already played with the MeeGo flagships. And, it does not seem further to be a bad idea of using the same thing in a WP7 Smartphone. This one is treated as the official photo and thus, it seems to be quite realistic!

The photo and rumors suggest that this would be the Nokia Sun; presumably it might be launched in the official name of Nokia Sea Ray, which was a twin item to the N9. According to the reliable reports, the Nokia Sun will pack Windows Phone Mango, 16 GB of storage, WVGA AMOLED display measuring 3.7 inches and 1.4 GHz CPU at large. So, Nokia World is likely to show you some impressive appearances at the event.