Finally a mobile phone known as “beauty of simplicity” the Nokia 6300 has received an update after its success in the markets around especially in Europe. Cell phone that retained original looks and options of the older version with new Wi-Fi and VoIP support features the Nokia 6300i is announced.

The Nokia 6300i shares the same look with the Nokia 6301 with UMA support and WiFi features. UMA has caused some problems lately and you were charged for calls via Wi-Fi networks as they are normal GSM calls. For this reason the Nokia 6301 was never sold on bigger and general markets.

The Nokia 6300i solves this problem with VoIP support. It has the Nokia S40 software platform featuring Wi-Fi for your fast data transfers and VoIP for your calls through wireless system and finally Nokia Maps to navigate wherever you want to.

Some other features of this new mobile phone is GSM/EDGE support, 2″ QCGA TFT display, microSD memory card sl?t, 2.5 mm audio connector, stereo Bluetooth and 2 megapixel camera for mediacore camera phone lovers.

The Nokia 6300i is expected to be in markets with its Graphite Grey color in Q2 2008 and its price is expected to be around 175 euro before taxes.

nokia 6300i