Few days ago new version of the Nokia 8800 Arte has been released which is a specially designed phone engineered from carbon fibre titanium, polished glass and stainless steel. This new Nokia handset is called the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte which is a premium device for those who doesn’t want to compromise from their performance.

Carbon fibre is known as one of the lightest and strongest material with its woven pattern and lately related to nanotechnology with its engineering. The newest Arte the Nokia 8800 Carbon also inherent the performance of carbon fibres

In order to enhance premium quality of the handset, each detail is carefully considered in the Nokia 8800 Carbon arte. Also seamless surface, slide mechanism and impressive light weigh are all fitting to Arte line. Also there are special soundtracks and wallpapers available special to the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte.

Also there is a special and unique tap for time feature in which you can tap the steel surface below the display two times and clock can be seen on the screen. This is very unique to the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte. Furthermore background images change organically during the day. Another feature called turn-to-mute silencing mechanism enables you to silence incoming calls by just turning the phone over, display side down.

Some other features of Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte include 3G capabilities, 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, stunning OLED display, built-in memory that is expanded when compared to previous versions and expandable up to 4GB, high quality radio, and unique all in one microUSB connector which is hidden. Final touch is Nokia’s anti-fingerprint coating which reduces smudges on metal and glass.

The Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte has range of exclusive accessories in order to enhance the experience. Bluetooth touch-sensitive volume control headset, stylish desk stand and a beautiful leather carrying case are among the many accessories available.

Release date for the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is September 2008 which is shortly third quarter of 2008 and its expected retail price will be 1100 euros without taxes.