It is still going to be a couple of days when the Nokia World event will be held in London and the interested people will love the new Nokia Windows Phone, which will be the first of its kind in this segment. Although Finns announced to be using Microsoft platform in February yet we are ought to see the same gadget. We have already seen some rumors, videos and leaked teasers about the Nokia 800 Sun, also known as the Sea Ray in the past and that is why it will really surprise us if do not get the news of release of this spectacular handset. This phone will reportedly look like MeeGo-based N9 but it has added Facebook buttons and small-size screen.

This event might also announce the release of Nokia 703 & 710 although speculations are also about the Nokia Ace and Sabre that are MeeGo-running handsets. It is quite expected that at least two of these handsets will be in our hands this time. Finns had denied the coincidence about beginning of the Nokia World with the Symbian Belle roll-out. It will be really amazing when consumers will handle excellent WP7 Nokia Smartphone. So, just wait and watch for the live action in a couple of days!