A compact XpressMusic device based on a touch interface for helping people get an easy access to not just people but also the content brilliantly and easily, the Nokia 5530 Xpressmusic or Nokia 5530 XM is truly a handset worth buying.

A direct access to 20 people along with the latest conversation and even the media updates is what the scrolling contacts bar, the same comes loaded with can help you achieve easily. Buy Nokia 5530 XpressMusic to get a music and entertainment experience that is amazing or to get an easy access to sharing and mixing all those selected media.

The cheapest Nokia 5530, this one’s simply the cheapest and most updated of Nokia’s newest innovations, that expands the touch phone range to a more youthful user experience in not just looks but even the usability completely.

A 27 hours of playback time of music player, a 4GB memory card, excellent sound quality, social networking on all top sites, a 2.9 inch widescreen display are just some of the features you can get freedom to, so buy Nokia 5530, and get great and easy media handling at your fingertips.