Well it is quite unlikely to get a reincarnation of living being, well Nokia has just done that it has re jigged 5330 with completely new and advanced built in radio, It has brought 5330 slider with new avatar sporting DVB-H Technology, which gives mobile a compatibility to tune TV channels, well It has been reported that DVB-H might get delayed or postponed North American launch, which will result in little embarrassment.

However there has been a big gag an over its feature prior to that so let’s see what things going to shape for this TV mobile.

It is sleek handset came from series 40, having 3.2 mm Jack and 3.2 Mega Pixel camera.

I t has been estimated to cost around €155 i.e. $230; well it is coming with any subsidy or any kind of contract. Wonder how 2.4 inch display will make us compelled to watch Football on it.