It has been in news since the last few days that Nokia is pulling the Harmattan platform at San Francisco in May’s MeeGo conference. The report goes that the company is slated to launch this unique device before the offer of MeeGo this time. The sole reason behind this decision is that Maemo 6 has just sparked off the debate for Espoo is taking the release and performance of MeeGo devices very seriously. Nokia is preparing this platform before any partner company starts taking deep into the matter. There have been some sincere efforts made by the company in this field to offer the consumers a compatible platform to work on.

Though there nothing seems to be anything new in this Harmattan platform due to the same look and performance like the MeeGo play yet the people are feeling very interested in the same thing. In the previous session, Nokia has pulled the codes when it came to release of Maemo 6 and this is the sole cause that Nokia is triggering the launch of Harmattan. The company is further facing problem with the pullout of MeeGo devices at the last of 2011, which needs proper clarification from the company. The company has also stated that it will confirm the exact relation between this project and the MeeGo device release.