samsung i910

Today another information is leaked about the new anticipated handset of Samsung, the Omnia. Named as Samsung i907 Omnia will have US-HSPDA enabled under the AT&T network according to US FCC website.

Even though there was a signal towards it, new US version of the Samsung i900 Omnia which supported only UMTS 2100MHz, the Samsung i907 is planned to support 850/1900Mhz.

In the first announcements, it was gossipped that Omnia will have tri-band UMTS support, but after feature list became clear we get to know other models possessing different connectivity features.

Also on FCC website, we meet a new model for Omnia that is the Samsung i910 Omnia. It will be the CDMA version of the handset under Verizon Network. In its illustrations, you will also notive that there isn’t any SIM card slot on CMDA version.

According to FCC we don’t have any price or release date information about the Samsung i907 nor Samsung i910 only the time will tell. However you can refresh your memory about the Samsung i900 Omnia.