If you appreciate all the features contained in Nokia N97 but do not appreciate the size and thus feeling disappointed then don’t be so, because we have a reason for smile. The new Nokia N97mini has dazzled the market and you can get it next time you hit the store.

Well Nokia mini is expected to have similar features as Big Brother Nokia N97 and also display the same magic that Nokia N97 has created, as it has QWERTY power and similar touch operation. Well the mini model has resulted in reduced display which is 3.2 against 3.5; absence of D- pad and smaller keys.

A cheaper cost has been anticipated for Nokia N97 mini and has been expected to come around 450 euros excluding taxes. On the contrary a Nokia N97 can be purchased for 350 euro online. As if now it very well puts a big question mark on prospective consumers of Nokia N97 mini.