As the MWC in Barcelona approaches new handsets that will be possible presented there starts to leak one by one. The Samsung B2100 is one of them which seems to be the downgraded version of its big brother B2700, that is known as waterproof mobile handset.

Although some of the features gone missing in Samsung B2100, this time it is even more resistant to water. It comes with IP57 certification which means that your cellphone is fully waterproof for 30 minutes and even under 1m depth of water. Also it is not strange that it is resistant to dust and sands around. Thus it will be a good sport for tracking lovers.

When it comes to features, one should not expect too much from Samsung B2100. But still it has tri-band GSM support and 1.77” display of 120 x 160 pixels. Also there is EDGE support along with the modest 1.3 MP snapper.

Some of the trimmed down features are 3G camera, UMTS support, altimeter and digital compass. However this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have some typical handset features like USB connectivity and microSD card slot.

The release date of the Samsung B2100 is expected to be March 2009. Some of the color options available will be black, green and red. Its expected price tag is estimated to be around 90 euro which is only about 120 USD which sounds reasonable for an immortal mobile phone.