Samsung announced its newest mobile handset the Samsung E200 which is not a high qulity handset but has a remarkable and unique specification that it is made of bioplastics.

According to Samsung aim of this product is to decrease CO2 emmisions during the production of the mobile phones. They report that bioplastic handsets generates 2.16 tons less CO2 per one tons of bioplastic production. However they didn’t inform about the total amount of CO2 produced so it is hard to tell whether this saving is significant or not, but still it is important that Samsung thinks about ecological problems.

With a simple calculation, it can be said that Samsung E200 Eco can save 60 grams of CO2 with its 25 grams of bioplastic content. This number doesn’t seem to be a huge one, but if one thinks about the number of mobile handsets used in the world, this little change could make drastic improvements in world ecology.

Another environment friendly feature of this handset is its alarm to tell when the battery is full, so that you don’t waste more energy to recharge the one. Also its retail box will be a recycled paper, adding another ecological feature.

When we come to the features, the Samsung E200 Eco has some modest features compared to newly released phones. It has small 176×220 pixel display, microSD expandable memory, FM radio, multimedia player and 1.3 megapixel camera. Its weight is 95 grams which is ideal for low budget phones. Older version which wasn’t Eco had a price of about 170 euros so you can expect this version to have a higher price since bioplastics is also more expensive, but Samsung can surprise us with the price to encourage bioplastics.

Release date for this one is as soon as possible, it will be available starting September which is coming really soon in Europe. Even if we don’t want to buy this, we should at least appreciate Samsung’s efforts.