Smartphone is higher in demand today. As there are already many Smartphone’s have come up, Samsung has launched its Galaxy S II which has breaks all the records of its other Samsung handsets. Samsung Galaxy S II has received great response from the people of Korea. The reports shown that it has breaks the record of other Samsung handsets and this Smartphone is in great demand everywhere. The Samsung Galaxy S II has come up with the pre-orders of three millions by breaking out the records of the company. This great handset is being welcomed by the people around the globe.

This demand is already a third in number of the Galaxy S II which the company has targeted for the year 2011. This Smartphone comes with latest features and specifications which the people surely like. The sales would be increased more if there would be increased in the availability of this Smartphone. This device is launched in February for Korea and UK and has already gained a huge response from the people. But the company has planned to launch it in another 120 countries. It is expected that there would be around 140 carriers who would offer it in attractive prices.