Samsung Galaxy S II reports in Tearing Down because of its special features. It is coming up with Android Operating system with2.3.4 version. There are many plenty of things which we look forward into this phone which supports Google talk along with video calls. This phone also has the early adapters which results in improvement of battery life along with the facility of new modem drivers which in turn is helpful to the customers with the better reception than any other.

This phone includes 2 types of components which are known as platform components which include Baseband, power management which has some basic specifications along with photos based on tear-down which has 10 high resolutions images as a sample. It also has RF facility which also has some specifications with 5 high resolutions images also as a sample.

It also includes additional components which includes Power management with RF modules with connectivity along with applications processors and sensors. This phone is also having applications based on dual-core processors along with switch which is based on antenna named CMOS; this phone is also having low power cellular chipset along with multi –band which is single –packaged.