With a lot of updates for the popular and iconic model of the Samsung Galaxy S II tablet, the company has announced that it will be releasing a new and innovative update regarding the increase of size of the icons. In fact, the company boasts that this update will be capable of increasing the size of the icons by 30 percent, which seems to be pretty good update. It simply means that the application menu grid will shrink to 3 into 3 grids and the bottom of the home screen will contain only 3 icons at the same time.

Although there is hardly any reason behind this update yet we can find the most suitable cause for the same. At the present time, a legal battle is going on between the Apple and Samsung which is naturally for copying down the features and dress code of iPhone. With this update, the UI of Galaxy S II will not possess many similarities with that of the iPhone and that; there will be no issue on behalf of Apple. It will also change the nature of System Update wizard as it will inform you about every possible update in the near future. The update feature will be available very soon for the potential users although it seems to be completely wastage of space on the screen.