If you know nil of Samsung’s lineup you may think that they’d now announced five Windows smart phones, but the truth is much, much less fascinating: they’ve basically publicized one that was already widely well-known and fluffed up a rebranding and launch again campaign for the added four.

For the Omnia series, Sammy has now formally included the Omnia Pro B7330, basically an upmarket B7320 along with a square display of 320 x 320, instead of the previous model’s QVGA component and HSUPA put in for good quantify.

The bigger news may be that B7300, B7320, B7330, B7610 and i8000– all existing Omnia models — shall be packaged along with Windows Mobile 6.5 moving forward, at the same time as updates will be on hand to Omnia IIs, B7320s and B7610s, currently in the market running 6.1.

The B7330 shall be launched in October with the previously proclaimed Omnia Lite B7300. Samsung’s as a little coyer concerning dates for the upgradings, but we’re hopeful possessors aren’t waiting so long.