China, touted as the world’s most powerful and well-known wireless market, the one feature which makes it lagging is the 3G coverage. But, Sammy, the #2 mobile manufacturing company on the planet, is now working hard to help China get over this shortcoming and clearly prove the statement true, that with Samsung impossible is nothing!

Unveiling one new handset every day, the company is now all set to release their brand new series , “ 3G for all” which is Samsung’s new innovation all set to give the China markets a great shake by making the 3G coverage accessible for all the mobile users residing there.

So, lets see Sammy at its new journey, will out rate China’s very own TD-SCDMA or will get stopped by the bumps which may prove hurdles in the path, as for now we can say, “everything is fair when it comes to real business dude”!