The Samsung Tint has now hit US markets in MetroPCS at the moment, giving citizens on this carrier hitherto one more cell phone preference. However what makes this cell phone warm is that it is customizable, consequently now you can craft its appearance you like to suit your persona. If you are in search for 3G, you can continue looking; nevertheless the new Tint flip coming from Samsung has a little effects going for it. MetroPCS’ newest AWS-enabled handset gives GPS hold up for the carrier’s new Chat link “push-to-talk societal networking tool,’’ also voice recognition, and variable faceplates. You will find both grey and pink inside the box. If neither of both colors suits your taste, you have options presented to you a la carte and you may use the Tint’s Bluetooth hold up to make it turn out, if you are so prone. I could not glimpse the Tint go live on MetroPCS website till yet, but it may be accessible now onwards.