And you viewed that T-Mobile and Sprint smelled the good objects when they required $350 meant for the HTC Touch Pro2. Soon after Instinct HD packs began showing up at chosen Sprint stores, the deteriorating carrier has lastly come forward with an authorized shipping date (9/27) and price tag.

Try as we may try, we still can’t work out why precisely “HD” is nailed at the last of this matter; the 320 x 480 display is definitely common, it may not play back high-definition content on the gadget, and “HD” video yield is a feature that just about 3.8 Earthlings shall ever use (in a handset like this, in any case).

Compounding the dilemma is the amazing lack of features in the specifications — Sprint merely vows that its 5 MP camera and video record means are HD, but it not succeeds to provide any explanation whatsoever.

Other features include EV-DO Rev A support, WiFi, an ambient light sensor, Opera Mobile 9.7, an accelerometer and haptic feedback, but still those can’t lend a hand justify the $249.99 price after a 100 $ mail-in discount and a two-year accord.