It has been a long time since we heard some news from US carriers about mobile releases. Finally today T-mobile confirmed some rumored handsets from Samsung. The Samsung Behold and the Samsung Gravity are both released today. Behold is special with its huge touchscreen and Gravity has a sliding structure with QWERTY keyboard appearing.

The Samsung T919 Behold is similar to the Samsung F480 but with some higher features. On board we have 3G support, full HTML browser and 5 megapixel camera but tops the others with a built-in GPS feature. However still the most famous Wi-Fi feature is unavailable which is a major mistake.

The release date for the Samsung Behold is set at November 10 and its price is 149.99$ on 2 year contract, so expect to see it very soon. And also there is adorable light rose color option for Behold.

On the other hand the Samsung Gravity doesn’t look like any other Samsung mobile handset that has been released yet. However as a design it is similar with some HTC handsets like S730 and S710. However Gravity doesn’t run on Windows Mobile.

On the feature list of Samsung Gravity T459/T450, you can find quad-band with GPRS/EDGE support. It has 2.1” 256K display with 176 x 220 pixels resolution. Also there is microSD card slot, A2DP profiled Bluetooth and 1.3MP snapper. However there is no information available about its memory and processor.

As for the release date, the Samsung Gravity will be on retail markets starting on November 17 with its price of 49.99$ on a 2 year contract. The color options include lime and aqua colors.