Samsung trying hard to popularize its mobile handsets with different competitions in this coming spring. This time it is for the Samsung Omnia HD. In order to be among 50 people who will get the Omnia HD free and earlier than its official release to the market, you need to think of some clever ways to advertise this multimedia monster. The program is called the new Omnia HD Ambassador program.

In order to be part of the program, you need to send an application form to However first you need to think of some creative ways to publicize this handset by different methods like blogging, making videos, shouting and every other creative and crazy ways to convince Samsung to give the handset free of charge to you.

Also another responsibility of the Samsung Omnia HD winners would be spreading the word about features of the handset in the event that is scheduled for mid-April.

Website for the program can be found here. Application deadline is scheduled for 27th March so be creative and think and don’t miss it.