Samsung introduces the next stage smartphone: the Samsung BlackJack II. It’s a very smart gadget that keeps up with you and helps you get where you want to go in life faster and in style. It’s advanced powerfully and fashionably sleek and ultra-light, so you can do multiple tasks and multi-play with ease. The Samsung BlackJack II. Time to evolve!


Evolve your fashion sense.
It’s not just your future that’s brighter. Glossier than its predecessor, the Samsung BlackJack II impresses immediately with its striking looks and thin frame. Add to that the larger 2.4” display and you have one smart-looking smart device.

Evolve a sense of ease.
The Samsung BlackJack II makes every aspect of your life look easy. The Full QWERTY keypad gives you every letter at a touch. And the Jog Wheel lets you quickly access, scroll through and select whatever you’re searching for. An external memory slot lets you do it all and more.

Evolve your business sense.
The Samsung BlackJack II comes equipped with the most advanced OS to date: Windows Mobile® 6. Tasks become much less time–consuming, and there’s strong integration with Windows Live. Experience faster 3G downloads, too. Staying ahead of the game has never been easier.